Submissive MILF Wife – part 2

One day we chose to meet for real. We met for a lunch and Jane was even prettier then her images and cam shots she sent me. She was a tall Blond with great legs and an ass to die for. We got a hotel room that afternoon as well as the sparks flied. The sex was wild. She loved taking it up the ass and sucking my cock while I spanked her. I had never met a girl so sexually free. Jane admitted to me she’d met several men on the internet for rapid romances but constantly stopped them. Remember at the time I was the Command one and really did not think I was a cuckold. I had never commanded anyone in my life but I’d developed this online part with Jane and now was playing it out in real life.

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Submissive MILF Wife

I satisfied my present wife Jane on the internet. In the time we were quite miserable and both wedded. My wife was quite conservative and for sure my sex efforts were pent up beyond belief. An infrequent wank in sexual activity the bath and perhaps every fourteen days was par for the program. Jane married a really traditional man also who essentially needed missionary sex two times per week.
Britta and I had an online affair for a few months as well as in these 3 months we investigated our craziest sex fantasies on line. I guess we thought therefore we allow ourselves go on the internet we would not satisfy. I take advantage of to publish Jane e-mails starting a fantasy and ask her in order to complete them. Boy, did she actually complete them. Earn her do slutty things and one of my fantasies was to be Control over Britta. One dream I started was getting Britta right into a seedy nightclub and having her suck some man away facing everyone else around the membership. Well, Britta finished the dream by drawing off every guy in the club.

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Sexy Movie MILFS 5

2. Angelina Jolie – Beowulf
Playing Grendels Mother in this flick. She is sexy, she was as a teen, is as milf and will probably still be one as a GILF. Will probably be the first time that anyone sees a sexy  GILF but I think Angelina has a real shot at it.

1. Anne Bancroft – The Graduate
I have no idea who this is cause this is not my list but apparently this is at number 1. Complete bullshit of course becaue Jolie belongs at nr1 and Moore at number 2. This is some flick from 1967 and the one who wrote this article is probably some grandpa or something.

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Sexy Movie MILFS 4

4. Jane Seymour – Wedding Crashers
A truly sexy milf in this movie. And even when her children are all girls they still have a lot of trouble with their mom being so extremely hot.

3. Demi Moore – striptease
Wow Demi Moore. When you think of MILF she is probably the first woman that comes to mind. Sexy in any way and she just seems to get more sexy over the years.  Striptease was the perfect movie for her in that period because she is naked a lot of the time.

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Sexy Movie MILFS 3

6. Eva Mendes – Training Day
Eva Mendes has got to be in here right? Could pick her for the Fast and the Furious roles as well but this is really the one where she comes across as a total MILF. Denzel Washington is the leading actor of course here but he did wel to pick Eva as his wife. To bad he gets burned in the end and doesn’t get with Eva anymore.

5. Halle Berry – Monsters Ball
Another one that absolutely has to be in this list. Halle mother of .. is a true sexy MILF with just the perfect body even at that age. So yeah lucky man here was Billy Bob Thornton, at that time he was giving it to Angelina and after the morning sex he could move on and have some fun with Halle Berry. Well live is hard right?

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Sexy Movie MILFS 2

8. Kim Basinger – 8 Mile
She plays the role of marshal mathers mom and it must be said she is friggin hot. Junkie, bad mom, sexaddict she plays it all with verve and a lot of sexiness. She is probably the hottest mom in the whole ghetto that is 8 mile and has a horrible boyfriend and makes live for Marshall even worse. You would expect that B-rabbit buds would be talking about her a lot more.. Or that anyone would notice that she has a $700 haircut while living in the ghetto.

7. Maria Bello – A history of violence
This is a really good movie all in all and maybe you haven’t even noticed the hot mom here, being Bello. A great movie starring Viggo Mortensen as well.

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Sexy Movie MILFS 1

We start the list at number
10. Which just has to be Jennifer Coolidge in American Pie from 1999
Jennifer playing the role of hot mom of Stifler in this comedy. She embodies the word MILF. Although maybe not the most sexy milf out here she is a mother and just loves sex and young boys. Her sexy gaze will make you get a hardon on the spot right there.

9. Diane Lane – Unfaithful
She played a great role here because critics and creepshows loved it all. Getting down with Oliver Martinez in this movie made everyone go crazy for this hot milf.

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Sexy Movie MILFS


So what are the sexiest MILFs in movies that you know off? Having a hot mom is probably not good for you and great for everyone else. Having a hot mom is a burden. Except when its your friend who has the hot mom, that is a great life bonus!
There are a lot of actors playing children in movies who have an really hot mom. An absolute MILF so to speak, their fictional mommys are uberhot. And there is a list of those hot moms. Find that complete list here, starting at number 10 and moving down the list. You will find some sexy moms here!

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What Kind If MILF Dating Is Best For me?

The very best sort of mil dating is if you find a woman only after she’s gotten out of a marriage.(Click Here To Visit aMILF Dating Website) She’s not likely to be thinking about something significant (which is the reason why she has turned to MILF Dating), and there’s a really good chance she’s mad at her husband for being a neglectful jerk or for leaving her for a younger woman and she’s going to sort out those problems. That’s where MILF dating becomes the most satisfying sexual experience of your life. Once you browse a site for dating mature women concept the profiles that expressly mention just getting divorced. That’s where you are going to find gold! That only mature (MILF) relationship tips has lead me to more fantastic nights than you can image, and now you really have the info to make it happen for you too
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Busty Cougar Showing Tits

Think you have got to agree that these are some pretty decent natural boobs. No plastic for this hot brunette cougar!
Gazing in the distance while she is probably thinking about what kind of cock she wants. Big or small, black or white. Yes its a known fact that cougars think about sex probably as much or even more than most men. Judging by her hard nipples and cum craving look the next couple of pictures shot here would be of this busty cougar getting fucked like there is no tomorrow!

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